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Group rentals are available for special events and club, class, church or business groups.

Call Kari Wedge at 832-7937 ext. 2212 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for information.


NO equipment needed:  Unlike other sports where you need to purchase expensive
equipment, curling can be learned without any initial investment.


Curling broom - feel free to use one of the club's many "experienced" brooms.


Footwear- again, for newcomers,  you are free to bring a pair of clean tennis shoes (or other
rubber soled shoes) and use the "sliders" we have at the club.


Gloves - wearing any pair of light gloves you already own is recommended for gripping the
broom, and keeping the fingers warm.  


Clothing - warm, loose fitting clothing is recommended.  Pants or slacks should be "stretchy",
and sweaters with light jackets are common.  Blue jeans are
not recommended as they do not
give you the range of motion you need and they can get wet/cold if you accidentally touch the


Rocks -  you will be happy to know that the club supplies all of the 44lb. curling stones that are


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