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2009 S Jefferson Ave
Midland, MI, 48640
United States


The Greater Midland Curling Club is an operating unit of Greater Midland, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to serving the community through recreation, social services and wellness experiences.

Monday Open League

6:00 pm and 8:15 pm draws
League Chair - Fred Strautman

December 19th Draw Times/Sheets


6:00pm   Draw    Titanic

Sheet 1         Team - Carlson          Team - FCC

Sheet 2         Team - DeBuck           Team - Clark

Sheet 3         Team - Beebe            Team - Strouse D

Sheet 4         Team - Tox              Team - Strouse S


8:15pm   Draw    Hindenburg

Sheet 1         Team - Lothamer Team - Olson

Sheet 2         Team - Graves           Team - Roper

Sheet 3         Team - Whaley           Team - Dubay

Sheet 4         Team - Mason            Team - Burdett

         Bye Team        Team - Devon



December 12th Results


Hindenburg Draw


Team Roper              def      Team Devon

Team Lothamer   def      Team Dubay

Team Graves              tied    Team Burdett

Team Mason              def     Team Whaley


Titanic Draw


Team Clark              def     Team Tox

Team FCC                tied    Team Beebe

Team Strouse S          def     Team Carlson

Team DeBuck             tied    Team Strouse D


Spreadsheet with Teams, Standings and Full Schedule