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Midland’s Team Strouse finishes second in nation at U.S. Curling Association Club Championship

Written by Webmaster on 16 March 2015.


The Scott Strouse team from the Midland Curling Club finished second in the nation at the U.S. Curling Association National Club Championship on Saturday.
    “I am proud of us,” team skip Scott Strouse said. “I think we took a team of four guys who had incredible chemistry and did something we didn’t know was possible. We are all proud of ourselves and what we were able to accomplish.”
   Team Sieg from Washington state defeated Team Strouse 8-4 in Saturday’s championship final to win the national title.
   “Washington played fantastic,” Strouse said. “They just executed all of their shots and just outplayed us.”
   Originally seeded ninth out of 10 teams, Team Strouse pulled some early upsets and surprised several teams.
   “(One advantage we had) was no one knew who we were,” Strouse said. “Some teams told us they took us for granted and didn’t expect us to be as good as we were.” Joining Strouse on the team were Aaron Carlson, Matt Whaley, and Pete Waters.
   Strouse said that one of the many highlights of the tournament was being able to represent Midland.
   “I think it is just an incredible opportunity to be able represent a small town at a national event that doesn’t discriminate against age, and allows anyone to have the opportunity to go for gold,” Strouse said.
   He also mentioned that throughout the tournament, he was gratified by the amount of support his team received.
   “The support we got from the (Midland) community was just overwhelming,” Strouse said.
   This tournament finishes out the curling season, but Team Strouse is already looking forward to next year.
   “Now (we are) looking to next year,” Strouse said. “We are going to try and qualify, and come back to make another run at the championship.”


2015 Curling Year End Banquet

Written by Webmaster on 03 March 2014.

The 2014/2015 Curling Season End of the Year Banquet is:
  • Date: Wednesday, March 18th
  • Location Midland Country Club
  • Cost: $25.00 per person
  • Cocktails: 6:00pm cash bar
  • Dinner: 7:00pm buffet style with carved beef
  • Sign-up sheet is posted on the display board at the curling centre
  • Checks made out to the Midland Community Center
  • John Zimmerman is collecting the payment for the banquet

2014 - 2015 Member Directory is Now Available On-Line

Written by Webmaster on 11 September 2014.


The Midland Curling Club 2014 - 2015 Member Directory is now available to registered members.  You can find the directory under Member Tools once you sign on.  If you are not registered, follow the directions under the Login tab.  It may take a few days to process the registration request.

Please get any corrections to Craig Murchison or Jim Yanacek.


Year-End FunSpeil 2015

Written by Webmaster on 04 March 2014.

Wow Scottish Lads and Lassies!

 I am impressed with how well everyone showed their “Spirit of Curling” last weekend.  There was plenty of plaid to go around.   We had 60 different people curl in the FUNspiel, including some past members and 20 first year members.  Due to my willingness to ask for help, we had more than 40 people volunteer their time and talent to make this event a success.  A big thank you to the head decorator, Jackie Pesch.  She is amazing at coming up with a theme and executing it in a FUN & inexpensive way.  She didn’t even curl this weekend.  She had help from Alix, Darwin, and Annie in creating the awesome décor.  Thank you to the Ice crew of Ken, Dave, Anita, and Jerry.  They were there early and made some of the best ice in the USA!  Until you travel to other clubs you don’t realize how nice our ice and facility is.  Thanks to Darwin & Alix for all the ideas for games and Mandatory FUN.  Big thanks also goes to Suzette Loeffler, who had to withdraw due to tendonitis,  but contributed by making sure we had a grill on Friday, then buying more meat and bringing pie on Saturday, then putting together that great spread for Sunday breakfast.   She makes a great gopher.  I would also like to give a special mention to Traci for purchasing the prizes and to Kayla for taking the team photos and having them printed.  Thanks to the many volunteers in the kitchen, to whom I owe much gratitude for a clean kitchen and many happy bellies.  I think it makes it more homey to have everyone contribute and allows everyone to take ownership of our club.  Also, thanks to the cleanup crew, who made my job easier and took the extra food to the Open Door.  Many hands make light work.

 Final results were (LOTS O’ FUN had by all):

1st Place (198 points): “A Team” = Carol Kirk, Anita Devon, Mike Devon, & Ken Burdett

2nd Place (160 points): Team K = Darwin Ehrreich, Alix Petitti, Grant Arnold, Nick Francis

3rd Place (116 points): Team E = JoEllen Eyre, Mike Dizer, Cathy Yanacek, Jim Yanacek

4th Place (111 points): Team F = Melissa Headland, David Diehl, Matt Durham, Andrew McCullum

5th Place (110 points): Team J = John Maynard, (Ryan Quinn & Steve Passmore), Steve Arthmire, & Rick Lombardi

Michelle DeBuck


Midland Curling Center Building Access Policy

Written by Webmaster on 02 December 2014.

The Operating Board passed a new Midland Curling Center Access Policy. 

Curling Center Building Access Policy

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