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Monday Open League

Written by Webmaster on 24 October 2013.

Monday Open League: 6:00 pm and 8:15 pm Draws

League Chair: Fred Strautman


Here are the draws for Monday, February 2nd, 2015.


Bye Team for the Titanic Flight – Team Knight, if looking for a sub, please contact the Bye team first.


February 2nd 2015; 6:00pm Draw (no end to start after 7:50pm)

  • Ice 1 – Team Horton vs Team Crosthwaite
  • Ice 2 - Team Beebe vs Team Clark
  • Ice 3 – Team Williams vs Team Elis-Hutchings
  • Ice 4 – Team FCC vs Team Graves


February 2nd, 2015; 8:15pm Draw

  • Ice 1 – Team Mason vs Team Roper
  • Ice 2 - Team Devon vs Team Olson
  • Ice 3 - Team Majeske vs Team Burdett
  • Ice 4 - Team Lothamer vs Team Walker
  • BYE TEAM – Team Knight

Team Flight - Titanic Wins Losses
7 Majeske 7.5 3.5
6 Devon 7 4
9 Walker 6.5 2.5
1 Burdett 6.5 3.5
2 Olson 6 4
3 Roper 5.5 4.5
5 Mason 4 7
4 Knight 3 9
8 Lothamer 2.5 8.5
Team Flight - Hindenburg  Wins Losses
5 Graves 7.5 2.5
6 Beebe 7 3
1 Crosthwaite 6.5 2.5
8 Clark 5.5 4.5
2 Williams 4 6
7 Elis-Hutchings 2.5 7.5
9 Horton 2.5 7.5
4 FCC 2 8




Monday Night League
  12-Jan-15 19-Jan-15
6:00pm Draw Titanic Hindenburg
Sheet 1 Olson Walker Clark Horton
Sheet 2 Roper Lothamer Williams Graves
Sheet 3 Knight Majeske Beebe Crosthwaite
Sheet 4 Mason Devon FCC Elis-Hutchings
Bye Team Burdett      
8:15pm Draw Hindenburg Titanic
Sheet 1 Williams FCC Roper Burdett
Sheet 2 Graves Elis-Hutchings Knight Walker
Sheet 3 Beebe Horton Mason Lothamer
Sheet 4 Clark Crosthwaite Devon Majeske
Bye Team     Olson  
  26-Jan-15 02-Feb-15
6:00pm Draw Titanic Hindenburg
Sheet 1 Knight Olson Horton Crosthwaite
Sheet 2 Mason Burdett Beebe Clark
Sheet 3 Devon Walker Williams Elis-Hutchings
Sheet 4 Majeske Lothamer FCC Graves
Bye Team Roper      
8:15pm Draw Hindenburg Titanic
Sheet 1 Crosthwaite Graves Mason Roper
Sheet 2 Elis-Hutchings Horton Devon Olson
Sheet 3 FCC Clark Majeske Burdett
Sheet 4 Williams Beebe Lothamer Walker
Bye Team     Knight  
  09-Feb-15 16-Feb-15
6:30pm Draw Titanic Hindenburg
Sheet 1 Devon Knight Beebe Elis-Hutchings
Sheet 2 Majeske Roper FCC Crosthwaite
Sheet 3 Lothamer Olson Graves Clark
Sheet 4 Walker Burdett Williams Horton
Bye Team Mason      
8:15pm Draw Hindenburg Titanic
Sheet 1 Graves Beebe Majeske Mason
Sheet 2 Williams Clark Lothamer Knight
Sheet 3 FCC Horton Walker Roper
Sheet 4 Elis-Hutchings Crosthwaite Burdett Olson
Bye Team     Devon  
  23-Feb-15 02-Mar-15
6:00pm Draw Titanic Hindenburg
Sheet 1 Lothamer Devon Williams FCC
Sheet 2 Walker Mason Graves Elis-Hutchings
Sheet 3 Burdett Knight Beebe Horton
Sheet 4 Olson Roper Clark Crosthwaite
Bye Team Majeske      
8:15pm Draw Hindenburg Titanic
Sheet 1 Elis-Hutchings Clark Walker Majeske
Sheet 2 FCC Beebe Burdett Devon
Sheet 3 Williams Crosthwaite Olson Mason
Sheet 4 Graves Horton Roper Knight
Bye Team     Lothamer  
Team Roster
Team - Crosthwaite Team - Majeske Team - Roper
Jacob Crosthwaite Jerry Majeske John Roper
Mike Palka Lance Tickner Dave Jezowski
Jerry Kline Aaron Carlson Dale Nester
Duane Bremer Austin Carlson Hazen Nester
Team - Burdett Team - Williams Team - Olson
Ken Burdett David Williams Kurt Olson
Craig Murchison Kayla Williams Dave Haslam
Dave Hinson Kirsten Graves Cary Brubaker
Jeff Baldwin Sara Schaubroeck Thor Brecht
Team - Walker Team - FCC Team - Devon
Kaely Harmer Rich Parr Ian Strong
Eric Francesch Chuck McCollum Ian Tomlinson
Dave MacLeod Jim Hornak Mike Devon
Justin Walker Kevin Love Jim Yancek
Team - Graves Team - Knight Team - Lothamer
Maya Willertz Paul Knight Doug Lothamer
Will Hackbarth Mike Woolhiser Evan Bergman
Dick Olson Darrell Boverhof Chris Love
Mike Graves Mike Murphy Josh Lauderman
Team - Mason Team - Beebe Team - Ellis Hutchings
Pete Waters Jeremy Beebe Rob Ellis Hutchings
Kevin Przygocki Wilmar Lidke Brian Huges
Brenda Mason Bill Kent Rick Swenson
Janice Hawrelak Nate Spoelhof Bob West
Team - Clark Team - Horton  
Liz Clark Joe Wagner  
Brian Czech Kevin Horton  
Drew Basgall Grant Arnold  
Laura Basgall Nick Francis  
Monday Night League
Sub List
Al Wilson Matt Whaley  
Pete Carlson Suzette Loeffler  
Mike O'Connell Ray Roach  
Ange Phillips Brian Henry  
John Zimmerman Chris Gaumer  
Rick Lombardi Josh Christensen  
Jackie Pesch Steve Passmore  
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